Courses we offer


The Basic and the Advanced level Courses

The Basic level course is for beginners and those who wish to study music as a recreational activity. After the student has met the requirements for this level, an examination will be conducted at Harp’ N Lyre and certificates will be issued to the successful candidates. Classes are generally held once a week. The number of Lessons given to each student depends on their capacity and work-input. Usually, the students need a week’s time to learn the given lessons, thoroughly.

The Advanced level courses are meant for those who already possess a basic knowledge in a specified instrument or singing and for those who wish to take their talents onto a professional level. These courses are based on the syllabuses of The Trinity College of Music, London. Every year, examinations on Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Violin, Guitar, Singing (Western) and Music Theory will be conducted by eminent musicians who come from The Trinity College of Music. Certificates to successful candidates will be offered directly by the Trinity College of music, London. The Advanced level consists of 8 grades of examination numbered progressively in order of difficulty from grade 1 to 8.

Criteria for admission

Age requirement: 10 years and above (age requirement can be overlooked in the case of specially gifted children)

Skill requirements: For the basic level courses, the only requirement is your interest and time. Candidates who wish to pursue advanced level courses are expected to have basic knowledge and skill in their chosen area of study that is offered at Harp’ N Lyre.

Study Materials: Depends on grade-level

Frequency of Classes: Once in a week